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MCAW school activities

MCAW generally hosts classes at the elementary and middle schools in Chester, Mendham, Tewksbury and Mount Olive.

MCAW also offer classes to pre-schoolers, homeschoolers, teens and adults at the Hive in Chester which are consistent with our mission,

Transition At The End Of Of The School Day - The Waiting Room
Students who are enrolled in MCAW after-school activities are directed and accompanied to a designated staging area where they stay until the start of their scheduled activity.
The Waiting Room is a safe and supervised area where registered MCAW children can socialize, play games or do homework while waiting for their classes to begin. Students (and their parents or guardians) may utilize the Waiting Room in between their scheduled classes, as well as while waiting for their charges to take them home when classes are done. The Waiting Room is free, and available at any time to all the registered MCAW members.  See each after-school program for specific locations and schedule of the Waiting Room.
As each semester nears its conclusion, MCAW after-school students get an opportunity to participate in performances, exhibitions and demonstrations are conducted (commonly referred to as “Showcase”) and on other appropriate occasions when they occur.
Other Activities
In addition to after-school activities during the school year, MCAW schedules and conducts Summer Camps and other programs that are scheduled during the summer vacation, Senior activities, and other specialized programs as detaled under the PROGRAMS section.
Historical Perspective
MCAW Founder and Executive Director Jane Shatz, a lifelong advocate of the arts, wanted her neighbors in Chester and nearby communities to have an outlet through which to embrace the arts. She had already initiated the Music and Art Appreciation Program in the Chester elementary schools. But she wanted to do more. Jane not only wanted to expose schoolchildren to the arts but the entire community—people of all ages. Jane single-handedly launched MCAW in 2002. She invited music, art, and drama teachers to offer private and group lessons at Bragg Intermediate School in Chester. At first classes were offered only three afternoons a week. This modest introduction has now grown into an organization that hosts 40 teachers who work with nearly 350 students. Classes are available every day, during some sessions even on weekends, at a variety of locations such as at Chester and Mendham Township schools, a senior citizen apartment building, and a church.


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