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Our Mission

Our mission is to make visual, performing and technical arts available to the entire community and to be a creative force and educational resource, as well as a partner in collaborations with outside groups to provide the highest quality arts programming possible.

The Arts Workshop believes in the transformative power of the arts and in the importance of artistic expression to the fiber of a community.  From our beginnings as an educational resource for the arts in our schools, to our current range of broad-based programming, the goal of The Arts Workshop has been to make the arts accessible to everyone in our community. 

And though our educational programming (through camps and classes in visual and performing arts, technology and gaming) remains a core function, we also seek to be a hub for the arts through our base at the Hive, with its art gallery, classrooms, café and performance space.

We also believe that the cultural life of a community should be based on collaboration with all parts of a community: private citizens, businesses, municipal government, schools and other organizations.  Through creative partnerships, The Arts Workshop seeks to integrate the arts into all aspects of our community and create an open and affirming atmosphere for creativity.

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