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    This Parent Registration form is designed to allow you to be a member of a type Parent, in MCAW website, but first of all to allow you to enroll your students, to our broad variety of the MCAW activities. You will also be able to follow the scheduling changes, your student progress and exchange messages with the teacher and much more.

    After you submit the registration form, you'll get a confirmation email. Once you've clicked the link, perform a log-in and your lobby page will be opened. In your lobby, add your student(s) and from that moment, you'll be able to enroll your student(s) to any MCAW activity...

    Please read the following:
    • Please enter your personal details only (and not a student details)
    • If you have created an account previously, please press "My Lobby" at the top menu bar and log in.
    • If you want to add a student Press "My Lobby".
    • If you want to enroll a student to a course, either press "My Lobby" or select a program and choose a course.
    • If you do not remember how to log in, press "My Lobby" then select "Forgot your Password?"
    Log In Information
    Account Information
    Primary Contact
    First Name
    Birth Date
    Last Name
    Mobile Provider
    [Add mobile # & provider in order to get Text notifications]
    I Agree to accept occasional newsletter from the MCAW website. This newsletter includes new upcoming courses and special event. You'll be able to remove yourself at any time.
    I Agree that MCAW website will publish photos where my children might be included
    Required Fields
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