Lego Mania for age range Grade K - 2

Primary Code: 1756
Combine imagination and Lego creativity!

If you enjoy playing with Legos, working in teams and using your imagination then this is the course for you!

Forget the instruction booklet.This course is all about creativity and imagination. First we will discuss the weekly challenge. Then using thousands of lego pieces, we will create our own structures, transport vehicles, bridges, 2D challenges, etc.

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Course Outline:

Student will work in teams to design structures based on a weekly theme. They will experiment with concepts of balance, stability and buoyancy. Each week's chalenge includes:

  • Vehicles
  • buildings & cityscape
  • Mazes
  • Bridges
  • Boats and buoyancy
  • Aircrafts
  • 2D chalenge
  • Planets & space

Note: A LEGO model will be taken home at the end of the semester.

General Class Format
3:45-3:55 pm - Free Lego build

3:55-4:35: - Class Discussion
Jot down notes on worksheet
-Break into groups and build

4:35-4:45 -Review the class progress of that day.
-Discuss plan for next class meeting.
-Clean up and carefully store our work

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Lego boat chalenge
2D chalenge
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