J. Brunka

J. Brunka
Role: Guitar, Electric Bass, Double Bass, Cello Teacher
About the Role:
As a teacher, J. Brunka’s goal is to motivate and teach his students to teach themselves. After his rocky start in music to many lessons with fine teachers he has learned that the student really has to do the bulk of the work. The teacher's job is to lay out the path and be encouraging and challenging at the same time. Some of his past students have played in school bands and orchestras, regional and all-state jazz bands and orchestras as well as performing in bands with friends outside of school. Previous students have been accepted to top schools like Indiana University, Cincinnati Conservatory, William Patterson, NYU and Rutgers to name a few. Some ar now working professional musicians and teachers themselves.
Personal Bio:

J. Brunka started playing guitar when he was 9 years old. He didn’t really like his lessons so he stopped after a short time. That might have had something to do with the teacher.

Still feeling the itch to play music he continued to teach himself  guitar and bass through to high school. He then went on to college where he studied music. That is where he was introduced to the Double Bass, the instrument that he is best known for. He still plays all of them, along with some piano, and has made a career playing and teaching music for over twenty years.

J. Brunka has performed in almost every style of music in every type of venue –jazz, rock, classical, blues, latin, and klezmer at places like concert stages, large outdoor festivals, cruise ships, pit orchestras, all the way to backyard weddings and dive bars. He has recorded for major record labels and small independent projects and has performed with many great musicians you’ve probably never heard of as well as grammy-winning and platinum-selling artists. He can be seen regularly all over the tri-state area leading groups as well as being a sideman and having a great time doing it.

Additional Info:
Private Courses.

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