Collecting to Learn

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Welcome to the Arts Workshop Summer Day Camps at Whittemore!
Campers enjoy a wide range of nature based activities that foster the creative process.
Campers will be outside every day exploring 180-acre estate. They will create works of art from natural materials and explore science & wilderness activities inspired by nature. The experienced staff and weekly special guests will enhance their understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors.

Nature Summer camps July 13-31 Monday-Friday.
Full day (9am-3pm) and half Day (9am-1:00pm)

Scheduling Info:
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School District: Tewksbury 2020 summer
Course 6335 Details
Scheduled Camp Name: week III [9-1] Collecting to Learn
Course 6334 Details
Scheduled Camp Name: week III [9-3] Collecting to Learn

Week III July 27-31 Collecting to learn
This week is all about collecting different types of nature that inhabit Whittemore's wildlife. Explore different natural collections each day; insects, rocks, leaves, flowers & photos. Campers will get to have fun discovering our natural world through games, catch, release & observation.

Sample of daily camp Schedule:

Includes regularly scheduled snack,lunch and water breaks.

-9:00-9:30 Check in - Mindfulness/breathing/wellness

-9:30-10:45 - Nature exploration/Art/Science

-10:45-11 - SNACK & STRETCH

-11:00-12:15 - Nature exploration/Art/Science

-12:15-1:00-LUNCH - FREE PLAY

-1:00--1:45 - Demonstrations/Guests (Art-Gardening-Geocaching ect...)

-1:45-2:45 - Selected afternoon activities may include: Group

Mural/Survival/Outdoor exploration/Group games

Weekly events and guests at Whittemore Camps include:??

2x each week - Photographer Tom Gunia

1x each week - 411 rescue Squad visit

1x each week - Recycling day- conservation projects

1x each week - Organic gardening & eating

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