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Minecraft Teams for age range grade 1 - 4

Primary Code: 2523
Much more than a video game!

Students will work together in teams of various sizes to complete scenarios and challenges in the game. Students will also work as teams for a few minutes each day playing the game's basic survival mode, with the goal being to build a functioning town or city. Winners of the regular challenges will receive their prizes (usually diamonds) in this survival world.


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Minecraft Entrepreneur
Some of the challenges may include, but are not limited to:
- Space Race: Students will use Galacticraft to go to the Moon and/or Mars and establish a base there. Students will need to plan their journey and pack all necessary items; once they are ready to launch, the game will change from creative mode to survival, so resource management, critical thinking and teamwork will be key.
-Escape from Everest: Students will begin in an underground bunker at the top of Mount Everest. When they emerge, they will find the Earth is flooded and the last habitable piece of land is the top of the mountain. Students will have to re-green the Earth by planting trees, and will need to gather enough iron to build a signal rocket to make contact with the humans living in space
-Pirate Ship Battle: Students will construct pirate ships as a team, following a set of rules and constraints. They will outfit the ships with TNT cannons and when everyone is finished, they will have a best of 3 match to determine the winner.
-Farm to Table Restaurant: Using the mod Pams Harvest Craft, which includes many new food items and crops, students will construct a farm and restaurant. Students will only be allowed to serve food that they have grown on their own farm, and group will get to eat at each others restaurant.
STEM-based learning!

Suggestions are welcome! As long as there is enough time, and as long as mods/maps/scenarios are compatible, we would like to try as many different things as possible!

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Minecraft class with Ben Green
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