Theater for age range grade 1 - 4

Primary Code: 2582
Theater and Broadway offers a positive, supportive environment where your child can explore theater.

This high-energy class introduces children to the fundamentals of theater and Broadway using songs, drama games, and skits to build self-confidence and stimulate imagination.

Students will learn how to work together as an ensemble while also strengthening their individual performance.


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An Original Story Comes to Life

Every semester we begins with an outline of a new original story.  The students actively participate in the story development, costume design, and improvisation when applicable!

At the end of the semester, we perform our story for parents and friends. Join us for lots of fun, some hard work and the opportunity to get really creative!

Sharon Montgomery

MCAW'S Theater & Broadway class, is led by Sharon Montgomery, a New Jersey based actress and director.
Sharon specializes in classical theater and Broadway musicals and believes acting and theater is a way for students to build confidence and experience personal growth. Theater classes encourage creativity and imagination for everyone!

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