Get Fit-Mountain View for age range 5-11

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Age range is 5 to 11 years old!Prepare your child for a??productive day in the classroom with??Get Fit - Physical Fitness for Fun! Begin with warm ups and??discussions about goals for the day,??followed by??structured activities (basketball, soccer, gymnastics.) End with cool down and circle time.?? Teamwork, effort, and attitude are among topics covered. Get "fit for life!"

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Course Aditional Info:
Physical Activity Concepts:
Health Related Components of Fitness (all will be covered, but in no particular order)
1.??Cardiovascular Endurance
2.??Muscular Strength
3.??Muscular Endurance
5.??Body Composition
***Students will understand and appreciate how engaging in fun, physical activity early in the day will benefit their mind and body throughout the rest of the school day.

Games and Activities:
*Body awareness (Personal/General space)
*Locomotor movements
*Throwing and catching games
*Tag games (to promote cardiovascular fitness)
*Cooperative games (to promote social and emotional development)
*Jump Roping (individual and long rope)
*Scooter games
*Rhythmic activities

Nutrition Concepts: Making Healthy Choices
*Importance of three meals a day
*Understanding of bad foods and good foods. Also understand that bad foods may be eaten in extreme moderation.
*Importance of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet
*Understanding that the type of food you eat throughout the day will affect the way your body feels.
*Importance of staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water, while staying away from sodas and juices high in sugar
*Create eating goals/logs

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