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Minecraft moon for age range grade 1 - 4

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Much more than a video game!

Minecraft is far more than just a video game.
Harnessing the endless creativity of Minecraft along with our children's enthusiasm for this game, we will embark on an educational journey that touches upon science,technology,engineering and math.

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Minecraft Moon

Minecraft Moon VoyageUsing a mod called Galacticraft, students will construct a spaceship and fly to the surface of the moon! We will figure out what we need to get into space and survive on the moon, including the fuel for the ship and oxygen for breathing. We will discuss scientific concepts such as force of gravity, atmosphere, Newton s Third Law, combustion, and more. We will also discuss general stats for the moon and the Earth.
Once we land on the moon, each student will construct their own moon base, effectively making our own moon colony!

Getting to the moon and constructing the base will involve teamwork and problem solving. Students will be playing together on a closed server together.


STEM-based learning!

ScienceStudents will apply real-life circuitry concepts such as OR Gates and AND Gates, as well as how to create toggle switches, timed and delayed responses.

TechnologyStudents will use these concepts to build inventions which serve specific purposes, complete goals or challenges.

EngineeringThese inventions include mechanisms such as elevators, doors, in-door lighting systems, rail systems, and much more. Irrigation and water flow are additional topics covered.

MathStudents will need to apply laws of symmetry and geometry in placement of this circuitry, as well as simple algebraic and problem solving techniques in order to estimate size and placement of objects.

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Minecraft class
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