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Minecraft for age range grade 1 - 4

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Much more than a video game!

Students will use the in-game principles of redstone circuitry to make various inventions which they can build in their own Minecraft worlds. We use a mod called MinecraftEdu which acts as a teaching aid for the game. The class is run on an off-line server, which means students can access it from home, but will all be in the same game and world while class is running.

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Redstone Circuitry

Students will compare the concepts learned about the games circuitry with those of real life circuitry. They will also use mathematics and problem solving to build bigger and better versions of the inventions they learn how to build in class. Finally, students will compete in team challenges which encourage cooperation and communication.

Course Agenda!

Class 1
Learn basic concepts of Input (Levers, Buttons, Pressure Plates) and Output (Pistons, Redstone Lamps, etc.)
Invention: Automatic Melon Harvester
Class 2
Learn about Redstone torches, their properties and uses. Quick lesson on rail travel and powered rails
Invention: Lightswitch (hooked up to redstone lamps in the ceiling)

Team Challenge: Students will compete as teams to get as many melons as possible by rail travel to a village in need at the center of the map. The team with the most melons in their chest at the end wins. Whichever team builds the most melon harvesters and has the most efficient rail system usually does the best!
Class 3
We will finish the team challenge and decide our winner. Then we will show another use for the redstone torch.
Invention: 2x2 Piston Door
Class 4
Learn about how redstone repeaters work, as well as their many uses. Also, a quick lesson on dispensers
Invention: Self-reloading TNT cannon

Team Challenge: Students on separate teams will build either pirate ships (water battle) or space ships (air battle). The building areas will be fixed so that the ships are facing each other, and students will load them up with as many tnt cannons as they can fit. When the time is up, we will have a battle to see whose ship wins! (We usually save right before the battle begins so we can do it a few times)
Class 5
Finish the team battles and move onto some real circuitry concepts within the game. The ideas of the OR-gate and the AND-gate are explored. We will also use snap circuitry kits to build an example of a real-life OR-gate and AND-gate.
Invention: Lever Combination Lock
Class 6
If we are on schedule, students will learn about what a pulser does in the game (made using redstone torches). Parents can come in near the end of class and see what we have been working on!
Invention: Rapid-Fire Arrow Dispenser Gun

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