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Minecraft for age range grade 1 - 4

Primary Code: 3279
Minecraft Town-Overview

In Minecraft Town, students will work together collectively on a server to build a town they all imagine together.
Using various plug-ins that protect individual students, property and buildings, participants will be placed in a town together. They can gather resources and sell them for Minecraft money, and can make their own shops to trade with other students.


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Real-world Topics

Government - Students will hold elections for four positions (runners-up will be placed as vice-mayors etc.) These elected officials will be the leaders of the town, and will have extra responsibilities.

Economics - We will looks at some topics like banks, the stock market, and financial responsibility

Mathematics - Students will use math skills to help influence their decisions. We will be doing a little bit of work with fractions and percentages.

Sustainability - Students will work with limited space and resources to make the best town possible. They will have to make decisions regarding how they want their town to look and feel, and where their resources such as food and wood will come from. How will these choices impact the Minecraft environment and wilderness?

STEM Based Learning

Students will apply real-life circuitry concepts such as Gates and ND Gates, as well as how to create toggle switches, timed and delayed responses.

Students will use these concepts to build inventions which serve specific purposes, complete goals or challenges.

These inventions include mechanisms such as elevators, doors, in-door lighting systems, rail systems, and much more. Irrigation and water flow are additional topics covered.

Students will need to apply laws of symmetry and geometry in placement of this circuitry, as well as simple algebraic and problem solving techniques in order to estimate size and placement of objects.


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