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AM CheerNastics for age range Grade PreK - 4

Primary Code: 3061
Course Description:

AM CheerNastics with Miss Panetta!

Have you ever wanted to try cheerleading and gymnastics or improve your skills? Come join Miss. Panetta in the mornings and try it out!
Mondays (grades 2-4) & Tuesdays (grades PreK-1st)

Scheduling Info:
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School District: Mendham 2020 spring
Course 6343 Details
Scheduled Course Name: AM CheerNastics [gr.2-4]
Course 6344 Details
Scheduled Course Name: AM CheerNastics [PreK-1]

Learn the basics to intermediate gymnastics and cheerleading skills. The skills for floor and beam will be taught as well as jumps, stands, cheers and basic tumbling for cheerleading. Each class will have a warm-up/stretch then break into stations and end with strength conditioning.

Coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and most importantly self-esteem will be developed. Focus is on safety and encouraging students to do their best and have fun!


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