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Fashion Design

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Fashion Design "Denim Dreams"
Take your love of denim to the next level with Hobby Quest's Denim Dreams!  This session we are crazy about denim, and are creating really cool clothes and accessories out of the most versatile fabric out there!  


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 Learn everything there is to know about creating your own denim outfit and accessories, like skirts, vests and even a trendy mini backpack! 
From designing and sketching to altering and decorating, you will be guided through the process step by step to create some incredible one of a kind pieces! 
Your outfits will be so cute that your friends and family will be invited in at the end of the session to see you model your designs in a runway show.  No experience is necessary, you will learn all of the skills needed to create chic garments so sign up today!
Design it!  Create it!  Keep it!

Sewing is definitely a life skill that our children will benefit from for years to come.  But it is also a lot of fun to discover what you can create with a bit of fabric, thread and a really wonderful instructor.


Learn the basics of handstitching and create something very special!  There will also be a brief introduction to the machine. 

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