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Coding for Kids I

Primary Code: 2196
Course Description

Computer science is becoming as much a part of STEM as science and math. This course seeks to introduce children to computer science in a way that is both engaging and easy to learn. Learning code can helps develop key problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.   

Students will learn how to write code by solving puzzles and logic problems. Basic coding topics will allow students to be creative in how they solve problems and take part in interactive games. Important concepts covered are sequences, conditions, functions, loops and nested loops.


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Course Curriculum

Code.org is used by millions of students in classrooms across the country. Employing its basic curriculum,  we will meet standards set by the Computer Science Teachers Association and International Society for Technology in Education.  This course prepares young girls and boys for learning computer science in middle and high school.
Learning outcomes:

Class 1- Sequences, Loops

Class 2- Debugging code

Class 3- Conditionals

Class 4- Functions

Class 5- Conditionals part 2

Class 6- Nested Loops

Class 7- While Loops

Class 8- Debugging part 2


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