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Spring Break 2020 - Minecraft [Friday]

Primary Code: 3325
Minecraft Camp runs Friday 9am - 3pm

Morning is filled with learning new concepts in circuitry and applying those concepts, alongside your teammates, to engineer your obstacle course.
Snack & Stretch at 10:30-10:45am. Nut-free snack is provided by MCAW.
Lunch at 12:00-12:30pm. Bring your own Bagged Lunch!Obstacle race continues after lunch from 12:30-3pm and parents are invited to attend at 2:45pm! See description below.


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Minecraft Parkour excitement propels critical thinking and mathematical concepts in this unique spring break camp!

This is a fun and creative experience that allows students to design and implement their own set of obstacles while also exposing them to critical aspects of teamwork.

Students will use half the time available to construct their own obstacle courses. They can model their courses after common Minecraft Parkour challenges or try to imagine ideas all their own. We will make an effort to connect each one to make a giant obstacle course!

The second half of our time will be used to run the obstacle courses. Students may race each other if they wish, or simply try to complete the course. Each student should get a chance to run each other s course. Students can then give each other feedback about their courses and if time allows, they can revise their sections.

We will be running the Custom NPCs mod for some added furniture and wardrobe options as well!


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