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Course Objective
In this class we will Learn how to make and draw characters, and turn them into comic books and storyboards like the pros. Who knows, maybe someday a movie will be made that all started with your very own story board or comic book! It???s happened before!

Course Description                                                                             Have you ever watched a cartoon or read a comic book and thought how awesome the drawings looked?  Or perhaps after watching your favorite movie, you've wondered how it went from words on paper to your favorite scene? You may be surprised to find that most everything you watch begins with drawings that are linked together to either make a finished product or act as a guide to how the actors look and react.  

This course encourages aspiring cartoonists to transfer their imaginary characters from mind to paper. Whether your desire is to create newspaper comics, super hero comics or Manga, this workshop will get you started.  Explore a variety of techniques such as penciling, inking, shading,character design and the storyline.


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