ArtsFest Convention [9-3] for age range 5-8

Primary Code: 1577
Course Description:

Children will participate in a variety of hands-on activities in a supportive, enriching and safe environment!
Enroll now! Choose EITHER or BOTH days.

* Lunch takes place at 12:30-1pm.??
Please bring a nut-free bagged lunch (no refridgeration available).????????????????????????????????????????????????
MCAW supplies a nut-free snack!

No Scheduling Details.
This course is not scheduled yet.
If you would like to see it scheduled at the coming season, please click the "Like" button on the right.
Thank you.

Six sessions of hands-on programs include:
??? Get up & go
??? Arts & crafts
??? Theater
??? lego art
??? Music
??? Poetry & Rap

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