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Young Rembrandts for age range Grade K - 2

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MCAW welcomes Young Rembrandts (YR) once again for another semester of great art making!

Back to school is in full swing as we present drawing lessons that encompass a fascinating world of color, pattern, and design.


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Students will strengthen their marker rendering skills as they draw a detailed gumball machine. A drawing of a sandwich will make them hunger for more art. We'll travel back in time to the age of the pharaohs as we illustrate a decorative, Egyptian headdress. An illustration celebrating the fall season will introduce our colorists to warm and cool colors. All this and more await your child in a Young Rembrandts classroom! Sign up Today!

Young Rembrandts approach

The YR approach is to tap into the three modalities children use to learn: Visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic. The drawing method teaches children to break down complex objects into basic foundational shapes.?? As they learn to deconstruct and reconstruct images, the experience, repetition, and variety of engaging and relevant subject matter brings them to increased levels of mastery in drawing.

Children always learn best when they are engaged and entertained!?? The elementary-age curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. Each week students will complete one new drawing and learn a variety of art concepts including:

  • line and patterning
  • art vocabulary
  • still life
  • color theory
  • realism/abstract
  • fundamental composition skills
  • perspective??

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