Still Life Draw & Paint for Teens for age range 13-18

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Still Life Drawing & Painting for Teens

The first four weeks of this class will focus on drawing, which is the basis for painting, and then move on to painting with oils for the last four weeks. We will focus on understanding light sources and how shadows are created, approaches to shading, breaking down objects to basic shapes, negative space, values, structure, object textures, and mixing color. Recommended drawing medium: pencil. The painting portion of this class will focus exclusively on using oil paint. No turpentine allowed, other brush cleaners are OK.


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Recommended Materials List:
Pencil set with a range of softness (H, 2B, 6B, etc. - consider woodless pencils), kneaded eraser, at least one blending stump, a pad (around 12x18)                                                                       
Painting supplies
2 fairly small mixing palette knives
Brushes - [number sizes vary a lot depending on the manufacturer]
1 small and 1 medium size round brush
1 small and 1 medium flat brush
Paper towels
An old rag
Small container - linseed or safflower oil
A palette (which ever style you prefer)
A stretched canvas or board or other oil paint suitable surface (around 12x16)
Turpenoid or other odorless oil brush cleaner (not turpentine)                                                   
Burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cadmium lemon, cadmium red hue, ultramarine blue, terra verte green, titanium white, burnt umber, mars or lamp black. [Similar colors and hues are OK, student grade 37 ml tubes]

Optional Materials List:
vine and compressed charcoal, shammy, charcoal pencils.                                                                                   
Painting supplies
1 or 2 more palette knives of different shapes or sizes
1 or 2 filbert brushes
1 or more round brush size
1 large flat brush
Saran wrap to cover your palette
Double palette cup
Stainless steal brush washer canister
Wooden paint box with handle
Maul stick.                                                                                              
Cadmium red light, cadmium yellow pale, dioxazine purple, cobalt blue, viridian green, van dyke brown, zinc white

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