Figure Drawing for age range Adults

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Introduction to Figure-Drawing for Adults

This class will start off with quick poses and then gradually move on to longer poses from the nude model. Emphasis will be on learning to accurately portray the anatomy of the figure and recognizing realistic proportions.


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Figure Drawing with Live Models

Various ways of measuring and comparing the location and size of parts of the body will be discussed. Students will be given individual direction. Beginners welcome- all you need is a desire to learn…and some supplies~

Recommended Materials List: pencil set with a range of softness (H, 2B, 6B, etc. - consider getting woodless pencils), kneaded eraser, at least one blending stump, a pad (around 12x18 or larger)

Optional Materials List: vine and compressed charcoal, shammy, charcoal pencils, conte crayon set (flesh tones and/or black white and gray), toned paper (gray or tan, etc.), an extra pad of a different size or surface texture

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